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Back again this year with the Fishhawk Summber Coyotes for BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED PLAYERS.  FishHawk Coyotes have secured a great coaching staff for boys lacrosse.

Head Coach Marty Ward of the Florida Southern Mocs, is once again coming to FishHawk for the Summer to teach beginning skills as well as advanced skills to our players.  Practices will be May 11 - June 24 on Mon. and Wed. nights at the Valrico Sports Complex (1070 Sydney Dover Rd., Dover, FL).

Coach Marty Ward is VERY excited about coaching the FishHawk kids again and bringing back the love of the game.  He said, "we want to develop the overall skill set of each player to make the community a much smarter, technical, and fundamentally sound lacrosse area."  During the registration process you will have an opportunity to describe your level of play and any positions you may be interested in.  We will try to accommodate the needs of all players.  We may not be split up by age groups as we have typically done in the past.  We may be split up by skill, desire to learn a special position (i.e. Goalie), and/or any other specification Coach Ward sees as appropriate.  Coach Ward, his Florida Southern staff and players will partner with our Coyotes coaches to bring your player an outstanding coaching staff for the Academy.

Academy Sessions 7 weeks / 2x week

May / June  - Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00PM - 7:30PM   Valrico Sports Complex (1070 Sydney Dover Rd., Dover, FL)

***(subject to change pending the acquisition of additional space in FH area)


Equipment Rental

Equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, practice pinnie, goalie pads) can be rented during the season with a $200 check which will be held and returned to you at the end of the season. Any equipment lost or damaged will be subject to a partial refund.  Email communication with dates/times for pickup will be sent out.
Each player must provide their own stick, cleats, and cup.



Clinics / Camps

Be on the lookout for additional specialized sessions.  Clinics and Camps will be offered throughout 



Open once again to all girls ages K-12 regardless of skill level or experience. Whether looking to learn the basics or advance yourskill to the next level, join us and experience the “Fastest Game on Two Feet” first hand in a fun and relaxed environment.


The summer Lacrosse clinic is designed for beginner and intermediate players to learn and experience the basic fundamentals of Lacrosse or continue to build on their prior experiences.  ALL are welcome (including NEW FIRST TIME players) as players will be grouped according to experience and ability allowing coaches to customize the practice plan according to the ability of the group.  Coaching staff will include a combination of HS, MS and youth coaches, college and HS players, and guest coaches.


WHERE:      Valrico Sports Complex   1070 Sydney Dover Rd., Dover, FL


WHEN:               MS and youth  Mon & Wed. 6-7:30

                             HS Sun/Mon & Wed 6-7:30 (Sun or Mon will finalize soon)


Cost:                    $65 per player


Need:                   Stick, Goggles, and Mouthguard.  Cleats are recommended but not required.

by posted 04/20/2015
Message from HSCO Deputy Roy Johnson

Good Disciplines information from HCSO Deputy assigned to Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department:


1st : I want everyone to get in the habit of not leaving any valuables inside there vehicle or in plain sight. Purses, wallets, cell phones, gps devises, radars, loose change or anything else that anyone can think of. These items need to remain with the person or be hidden from plain view, a trunk works very well.


2nd : I want everyone to get in the habit of walking to and from there vehicles in groups, whether a group of 3 or group of 10. Staying in groups is a great way to add a measure of safety to our patrons. It gives us multiple sets of eyes to watch our kids and our parents. I'm not just talking about criminal element but what about if grandma falls down or a kid/parent is walking and doesn't see a car coming at them. Being in a group can help curve many of these types of issues including issues we may not think of.......SAFETY 1ST.


3rd : I want the leagues to consider ( I have brought this up multiple times and I'm sure that it has been passed over by leagues) asking there parents to volunteer for parking lot duty. Having 2/3 parents checking the parking lot areas every half hour/every hour with a flash light will let everyone know that people are watching. If we let the criminal element know that we are being observant and that we are watching, they will think twice and possibly go somewhere else where they know no one is watching.  This will also let us know what our kids are doing in the parking lot after there practice is over.


I welcome anyone's feed back and I am willing to meet with League people if they would like to discuss the bullet points I have brought up.

Master Deputy Roy Johnson 
HSD Parks Unit
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office
Cell: 813-781-9140
Office: 813-247-8623

Parks Email: 

by posted 09/23/2014
Congratulations to all of you on the progress you have made these last few weeks during our annual Summer Skills Clinic!!!  On behalf of myself and all of your coach's, we want to also say thank you for spending a couple hours a week with us playing and learning the game of Lacrosse.  Whether you are a returning player or brand new to the game, we hope you had fun and learned a little something along the way. Playing Lacrosse should be fun and can become a place where you can build friendships that you will have for years to come.

As you all know, despite our best efforts, the one thing we can't control is the weather.  As with every summer season, the weather did create some challenges and forced us to cut-short, or cancel several sessions. (particularly for MS/HS)  In a perfect world we would be able to keep playing every Tuesday and Thursday for the rest of the summer to make up for lost time and keep working on our skills.  However, we are limited by competing demands for field space and will be forced out of Pinecrest next week by Pilot Football.

So, in our best effort to get as close as we can to the planned 12 hours of training, we will be providing two additional training sessions for the MS/HS group this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-8:00.  We know this won't make up for all of the lost time, but it will get us much closer to the goal. Unfortunately, at this time we will not be able to hold any additional sessions for the youth players but keep an eye on the Coyote website for news about our Fall FREE clinics coming in September!!!

Thanks again to all of you who participated and enjoy the rest of your summer!!!...See you in the Fall, and GO COYOTES!
Chris Crusey

by posted 06/23/2014

Garrett Thul, MLL Player for the Florida Launch made a Surprise Appearance to the Academy Training on 6/11/14 his amazing shooting skills!

by posted 06/16/2014
Odor Gladiator Must Have
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by posted 05/29/2013
Coyotes in the News
Website publisher GameOn4Kids posts an article about the recent Fishhawk Coyotes End of Year Tournament.

Read the article here.

by posted 05/10/2013

Check out the the Thor Guard Lightening Detection System with  Live feed from our Fishhawk Fields!